I learn how to be a good connector

In the last lesson I had learned, how to link in a better way… Now, I know what it means to be a connector… Therefore I want to complete my last post with the right “link connection” 😀 Ioccupied with Business Apps for the IPhone etc.

Since the AppleMania reach myself I am fasticated about the organization of this company. Therefore I thought that it is interesting to inform about the Apple Organization. Thereby you can imagine what you will do in your future. Maybe something with organization?

IPhone in Business

Content: This Link ist about Iphone Apps, which are for the organization in daily life. Thereby you can track to-do lists by prioritize tasks, create action plans and manage projects from start to finish. Managing tasks get easier…

The Apple Organization

Content: The Apple Organization operates as a full service public relations firm in South Florida. It specializes in media and consumer relations, as well as in marketing, branding, and special events. The company is based in North Miami Beach, Florida.

Steve Jobs

Content: This link describe the philosophy of Steve Jobs. I think it is unbelievable what he provides for Apple user. He knows the demands of companies and alternative people. He knew how to cover these desires of people with the development IPhone etc. This has also mean a special organization.

Apple will make more money on Apps than music in three years

I think that link take a good connection with the link before about Steve Jobs… Here you can see, that he has a great idea with business apps. This really  means the future of us…


Is it difficult to code apple apps?

On my journey, to specialize my coding skills, I tried to find a lot of information about different topics like PHP, mySQL or Apple APPs. Specialy I was taken with Apple Apps becouse I never occupy oneself with this topic. First question I had was, is it really so difficult it looks like(?) or does Apple give an easy development platform?

First I found a post about a 3rd party development platform called “App Press” on appadvice.com. Joe White gives a Continue reading

Apple iCloud !?

Hey guys and applefriends ;D ,

anybody talks about the new function from the house of Apple called iCloud, presented by Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple.

The principle of Cloud-Computing is already known for a long time and in line with this also already used. But Apple tries to close in on their biggest competitors, e.g Google. The user could save his files on a virtuality location, could access and also protect his own location on device.

Using iCloud is actually very simple. The future user can store their files on the servers of the company or share pictures and music with all the other users. Every user is getting five gigabyte. Even so Cloud- Computing brings some risks.

Can iCloud’s features be hacked together from other existing offerings on the Web?

In the most general sense who uses cloud computing is always exposed the danger of attack by hacker..

Terry Woloszyn, the founder of PerspecSys, says that ” as cloud computing becomes more popular, the providers become bigger targets for hackers“.

It is entirely possible to steal files or any other attacks on protected information. This is why safety is an important aspect.
If so many files are on mainframes, they will became a popular target. Also the data protection regulations in the USA are not as strict as in Europe and so you should think long and hard about which information you want to share.

I think that iCloud will get great success, because until now the faithfully fans of Apple were always abuzz about new functions, new products an new innovations from the house of Apple and so I am sure they will derive a profit.

If and when Apple will convince their user with Cloud-Computing, only time will tell 🙂

If want to know more..take a look @ this website  have fun 😉

Apple marketing strategies

Hey everybody, this post is especially for those who ever wanted to know why the company “Apple” is so successfull.
I searched some articles and blogs and found amazing stuff all about the marketing strategies. Also i found some marketing professionals, who are especially familiar with Apple.

So let me start with  a report from Cindy Lueskow in which she describes the Product Life Cycle Management Analysis of IPod. She based on the Introductory, Growth, Maturity and Decline stages of the Apple IPod.

She mentioned that Apple Inc. has created a high-demand product with the Apple the iPod in the marketplace and eventually took the highest market share of portable music players globally. This has allowed consumers to quickly and easily purchase, download, and listen to music of their choice.

After that i wanted to show you the SWOT analysis of Apple Inc. posted by Patrick Clinton. He discusses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) and  analyzes these elements in Apple Inc. He write this SWOT analysis on his own and based on his own assessment, because his company wants to enter into Apples market.

He also developed an own strategy which include first itemizing my strengths and weakness, and plans to address opportunities and threats within the industry. He also says, that Apple has a few vulnerabilities which he would exploit.

I found another very interesting post about the IPad 2 discussing what is so special on their Marketing strategy. Here is mentioned that everbody talked about the IPad 2 and also evreybody, so they discuss why is Apple so successful with the IPad and sets it so apart from its rivals such as the Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook Color and the Samsung Galaxy Tab?
It says that:
Apple is all about the hype and it is out of control.
Apple knows the power of perception; perception is everything.
Apple is all about creating a digital lifestyle.

On the same Blog you can read a fantastic report about  that the Apple brand success is not a result of dumb luck or forces beyond Apple’s control, it’s part of a well-thought-out plan to deliver strong products and to create an Apple culture.
Therefore it represent 11 effective Strategies which Apple uses to create Loyal Customors!

Tien Anh Nguyen is a member of Research and Analytics team and wrote  an article about Apples Marketing strategies. He says that Apple is seemingly invincible in developing and marketing world-dominating mobile computing devices of all sizes and usage. Also apple  strange is that a masterful combination of hype, sagacious timing, exclusive “sneak” previews, and extremely effective presentations that give these products such successful launch.
It also lists a number of principles which Apple still follows, that one of its original marketing gurus Regis McKeena has expounded.

The last source i share with you is written by Steve Chazin who is a chieve Marketing Officer. Steve Chazin stays connected with all things Apple and is available for press interviews and speaking engagements to share his expertise in viral, web and new media marketing techniques perfected by Apple.
In his article he mentioned how Apple has made its retail presence such a positive success.
He says that a customer have a freedom in doing anything in a retail store of apple. Touch anything, stay as long as you want, ask as many questions as necessary and feel free to borrow our WiFi.

Apparently nothing is left to chance – even the interaction between potential customers and store employees is carefully scripted, not unlike a Steve Jobs’ keynote presentation.  And it should be this way.  What Apple knows (and most other retailers forget) is that a company’s lasting (or fleeting) relationship with their customers begins immediately after customers purchase something from you.  Apple’s careful cultivation of that experience is one of the many magic (and tightly managed) elements of the Apple brand.  Apple has to be more than the sum of its employees – it has to become an experience – borrowed from Disney and wielded like Nike – that captivates and motivates normal people to action.  And that action – buying something – now more than ever starts in an Apple Store.

Prezi- make your Presentation dynamic

Everyone knows how boring and moronic a presentation could be. The charts have always the same structure, the presenter speaks always with the same monotone voice…. the connection of these two attributes can make 10 mins to the longest time in your life.

The Solution for a more dynamic presentation – Prezi.

Prezi is a innovation of the standard chart and slide presentations. With zooming effects you can switch on your big “map” of  information and keep the attention of your audience permanently.

Here you can learn how to deal with Prezi: http://prezi.com/learn/

Try your first Prezi-presentation online and bring your personality into it.

Have fun 🙂

productivity Apps for School &University

MathBoard App

price: 3,99 €

The program MathBoard their iPad offers excellent opportunities to easily improve their math skills. It is to be suitable for all age groups from kindergarten (with slight addition and Subtraktionsproblemen) to the elementary school, when multiplication and division difficult. You can even the number of questions, the scope of the required tasks and the time allowed to determine the solution. MathBoard makes learning fun.

Solar System

price: 10,99 €

Solar System shows planets, moons, asteroids and comets with many details. The app has beautiful 3D objects, movies, pictures, animations and even an interactive model of the solar system.

Monster Anatomy HD

price: 14,99 €

This interactive radiology atlas of the lower limbs as the 384 contiguous MR slices in three anatomical planes. The app is designed as a handy reference and learning tool for healthcare providers and medical students


What is iCloud ???

ICloud is Apple’s new service that save your files to the cloud. It’s gonna take all your files, your music, your photos, your apps and gonna send them to all your devices.

If you are interested in that..click on the Link ;D  http://www.apple.com/icloud/what-is.html